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She broke two records: a French woman climbed the rope to the Eiffel Tower in 18 minutes

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr14,2024

Broken two records: a French woman climbed the rope to the Eiffel Tower in 18 minutes

Anouk Garnier managed to break two records at once/AP

The French woman broke the world record for rock climbing, climbing to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower on Wednesday. It took her less than a third of an hour to do this.

34-year-old Anouk Garnier climbed 110 meters in 18 minutes.This allowed her to set a new record and raise money for the prevention and support of the fight against cancer, The Guardian writes. because I will,” Garnier said after climbing the free-hanging rope and achieving the record two minutes faster than expected.

She added: “There were many ups and downs on the way to this record. The weather was not always my ally and we had to coordinate the plans of everyone involved in this monumental project. But I never stopped believing in him. Satisfaction and joy, which I get from it today is even bigger. It's a crazy dream come true.”

The previous world record was held by a South African athlete To Thomas Van Tonder, who in 2020 climbed 90 meters on a rope between the Soweto Towers in Johannesburg. Danish athlete Ida Matilda Steensgaard set a women's record by climbing 26 meters on a rope at the Copenhagen Opera House in 2022.

Anouk Garnier climbed the Eiffel Tower: watch the video

Garnier now holds the record for the highest ascent and the highest ascent by a woman. She started rope climbing in 2022 after winning the world championships in her age category and was looking for a new challenge. According to her, she was inspired by Steensgaard's success.

I said to myself: 26 meters is not that far, what monument can I climb?
– she said in an interview AFP.

Garnier said she had been preparing for Wednesday's challenge all year and was happy to see her family when she came down.

It was so great to see them. so proud It was they who instilled in me this sports discipline – to always give my all, always strive for perfection. It is thanks to them that I can do extraordinary things today,
– she says.

The climber said that she also wanted to raise money for the Cancer League after her mother was diagnosed with this disease.

“I saw her struggle. I wanted to contribute,” Garnier said.

Now she plans to return to racing hurdles and will carry the Olympic flame in Marseille in May, but admitted that she is already thinking about the challenges ahead.

“I am in great shape and I intend to keep it up for the next 10 years.” , she said.

Garnier evokes genuine delight. She not only broke two records at once, but also did it for a good purpose.

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