Shakira would be dealing with an unexpected reaction from Milan and Sasha

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The singer has been the center of the news in recent months due to her separation from the Spanish soccer player and after the decision on the custody of the minors

Shakira would be dealing with unexpected reaction from Milan and Sasha

Shakira and her children will move to Miami at the beginning of 2023, but the singer would be dealing with a reaction after learning the information. (Photo: File)

Less than 24 hours have passed since the final decision was known that will allow Shakira to head to the United States with her children, Milan and Sasha. This agreement is made in order to protect the well-being of minors, isolating them from the pressure exerted by the media on the separation of their parents.

One of the important points that were defined in the last hours has to do with the Christmas and New Year celebrations, since the little ones will be able to spend these dates with their father thanks to the flexible visitation regimen found the soccer player in the agreement with the lawyers, being able to travel whenever he wants to a meeting with the children in Miami.

But, although the chapter in the custody of her children is closed, everything seems to indicate that the Barranquilla woman is dealing with a more complicated situation with the minors, according to a Spanish media outlet. Everything seems to indicate that Milan and Sasha would not be satisfied with their mother's decision to take them away from Spain permanently, so that they could live a different reality.

Sasha and Milan they have told their mother, Shakira, that they prefer to stay and live in Barcelona, where they have their circle of friends, before moving permanently to Miami, a change of address that will take place in a couple of months”, affirmed the Spanish media Informalia, with the argument that they would not want to distance themselves from their social circle.

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Subsequently, the media outlet in question learned that the interpreter of I congratulate you, Monotonía and Ojos Así He explained to his children what was happening around him, maintaining that it is a decision that he will not back down. It was also learned that the artist had already selected the school to which she would send her children in 2023.

This information contradicts what was said by, which revealed that the agreement with Gerard Piqué would have agreed with the children, who from the beginning told him that they wanted to go live with their mother in Miami.

What does the official statement say about the custody of their children

According to what was reported in a statement signed by Piquéy Shakira, they reached an agreement to provide “security and protection ” to Milan and Sasha.

We want to communicate that we have signed an agreement that guarantees the well-being of our children and that it will be ratified in court, as part of a procedure that is merely formal. Our sole objective is to provide you with the greatest security and protection, and we trust that your privacy is respected”, says the letter.

In the same way In this way, Shakira and Piqué requested that, regardless of the controversy generated by their divorce, their children can have privacy and enjoy their lives without any interruption.

“We appreciate the interest shown and we hope that the children can continue with their lives with the necessary privacy, in a safe and calm environment”, the statement concludes.