Shakira makes a “withering” decision involving Barcelona, ​​thanks to Piqué, they say in Spain

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These days the Colombian artist does not stop being news after she announced that she would not sing at the Qatar 2022 World Cup; However, now in Spain she is named due to a decision she would have made regarding F.C Barcelona

 Shakira makes

Shakira would have given up her box at the Camp Nou after separating from Piqué.

The Colombian singer Shakira is the center of a piece of news that would have been released in the last few hours and that involves FC Barcelona and therefore her ex-partner Gerard Piqué. The coffee maker would have given up keeping her box at the Spotify Stadium Camp Nou.

According to the newspaper La Nación de Catalunya “The singer has made a drastic, radical decision that strikes down Barça: she has gotten rid of the exclusive and private box in which she enjoyed the team matches and her ex-partner along with Milan, Sasha and her brother Tonino.”

This would have occurred as part of the separation that was announced a few months ago with the former Barca soccer player, Piqué. nothing that links her to her previous life when she was married to the athlete.

The supposed reason why the former Barcelona defender decided to put an end to his marriage with the singer from Barranquilla was also known. According to a friend of Piqué's new partner, Clara Chia, the Colombian did not manage to be part of the player's environment, which would have eroded the relationship.

“Clara is integrated with Piqué's friends. That is one thing that Shakira has never achieved. She never connected with the other soccer wives or with Piqué's friends”, revealed Gemma Iglesias. Then he continued: “she does not act like a diva and is understanding with her partner”.

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In addition to these statements for the 'Hola' magazine, Iglesias confessed that thanks to his friend Clara Chia, Piqué was more flexible regarding the custody of his children so that they would stay with Shakira.

The Colombian will now be relatively alone in raising her children and far from what her life was like in the Iberian country where she has lived for almost the last decade. For now, she will seek to rebuild her life in the United States while apparently she rejected the proposal to sing at the World Cup in Qatar that will start on November 20, although this decision has not yet been made official on her part.

< p class="paragraph">Rumors resound, which would link it to the demonstration made by British artists Rod Stewart and Dua Lipa not to sing at the event due to the human rights violations that have been denounced in the Arab country.

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According to The Spanish communicator, Adriana Dorronsoro, from sources close to the Colombian artist, would have confirmed her decision not to be in the World Cup: “They have confirmed that Shakira will not perform at the opening ceremony, but they do not confirm have some role throughout the World Cup”.

Shakira would continue to be the singer with the most appearances in the soccer World Cups, while the urban music singer Maluma did confirmed to be part of the artists who will be animating the World Cup Fan Event, decision that was also rejected by his compatriot J Balvin as recently learned.