Shakira and Karol G would be single due to an alleged pact with the devil, according to famous seer of the networks

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Singers are a trend due to a video that circulates on the web and has generated a stir among Internet users

Shakira and Karol G would be single due to an alleged pact with the devil, according to famous network seer

Shakira and Karol G are accused by a seer of having a pact with the devil and that is why they are single. PHOTOS: File

Karol G and Shakira have not had a good 2022 when it comes to couple issues. Let us remember that the singers have seen their romantic relationships truncated due to alleged cheating on their partners, as is the case of the artist from Barranquilla and the paisa, she has been focused on her tour $trip Love Tour and since who ended her relationship with Anuel AA, she has not been seen involved with anyone else.

A great stir has been caused by the statements of an alleged seer who assured through a video that this is not a mere coincidence that the two talented singers in their respective musical genres and for everything have an explanation that the Colombians fail to consolidate their relationships. However, there are those who question this because Shakira ended her relationship with Gerard Piqué after 12 years and only a few months have passed.

It is about Coach Clairvoyant, who has more than 200,000 followers on social networks such as TikTok and Instagram and in which he recently released the letters to describe the sentimental situation of Shakira and Karol G. In her publication, she explained that the two have made a pact non sanctoin case the devil's card comes out.

Yes, it comes out the devil card, the Star card; she made this kind of pact to have a lot of fame and wealth . The card from El Mago, apart from being a great musical star, also gave him magical powers so that he has a lot of money, a lot of fortune, a lot of recognition, a lot of fame”, the man mentioned about one of the most outstanding artists in Colombia and who performed the well-known anthem of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Waka Waka.

But this was not the only thing he said about Shakira, because the seer assured that the woman from Barranquilla will never be happy, since he describes her in the tarot as a naive woman and men will always come to take advantage of her: “they will betray her and It is what her master and lord wants, that she be happy with a diversity of people.”.

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The next question from her followers, came with the same question if the paisa would have resorted to the “devil” to get the fame that she has today and that has led her to travel the world with tours.

“Directly, yes, she did it for money and happiness, but just like Shakira, it means being completely alone. It turns out that she can negotiate to be the queen, she will be the queen, profitable, very successful. The letter from The Hermit comes out, which emphasizes loneliness. He is a good person, not everyone who makes a pact is bad and not everyone who claims to be a Christian is good”, was the first argument that the alleged seer gave about the pact that the interpreter of Catwoman would have made.

And she concluded by saying that despite the love problems she has, good luck follows her: “The Three of Swords; the card of the High Priestess has spiritual powers, an empowered woman who likes to make success out of adversity, she is generous, she is charming, she is intelligent, she is brilliant”.

The statements of the man have the followers of the artists in check, as some affirm that they do not believe in this type of negotiations with the lower astral and that the man makes these types of statements only to gain followers on social networks.

Below, Coach Vidente's video about Shakira and Karol G's alleged pact with the devil:


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