Shakira and J Balvin will be at the opening of the Qatar 2022 World Cup: these are other stars of the ceremony

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Although the Colombian National Team will not be present at this edition of the important sporting event, the tricolor flag will shine on stage with the presence of the two artists< /h2>

Shakira and J Balvin will be at the opening of the Qatar 2022 World Cup: these are other stars of the ceremony

Shakira and J Balvin will be at the opening of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Infobae

There are less than 10 days to go before the start of the most important international football event, the Qatar World Cup 2022 and those who are preparing for this sporting event are not only the teams of the countries that made it to the event , but the artists that will perform at its opening.

Although this information is not supposed to be known yet, in the last few hours the list of the artists who will star in the opening of the event at the Al-Bayt Stadium, in Al Khor. It was through the official World Music Awards Twitter account that it was reported that celebrities such as Shakira, J Balvin, Dua Lipa and BTS, among others, will be at that important event.

The warble was removed in a matter of seconds, but like everything in the cloud, it remains in many screenshots taken by Internet users. “Shakiraprepares for his return to the World Cup on November 20 at the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup with BTS, Black Eyed Peas, Dua Lipa, J Balvin, Nora Fatehi and Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie”, the publication read.

Shakira and J Balvin will be at the opening of the World Cup Qatar 2022: these are other stars of the ceremony

Although the Colombia National Team did not obtain the necessary results to be debating for the 2022 World Cup, the presence of Shakira and J Balvin in the opening main event of the World Cup he would be the ideal representation of the country. In addition, given the recent separation of the barranquillera from the athlete Gerard Piqué, who will be playing with the Spanish National Team, many fans of the singer are excited because the artist will be present at the soccer event again.

This is the fourth time that < b>Shakira Isabel Mebarak is part of the main show of the World Cup, but this one has the peculiarity of her separation from the Spanish soccer player. The interpreter of 'Monotonia', then, would be appearing before the game that will kick off the sporting event, the one scheduled between the Qatar and Ecuador teams.

On the side of J BalvinAs recently reported by FIFA, throughout the World Cup there will be six nights of musical shows, including the 'child from Medellín' '. J Balvin will bring his music to the stage located at the Doha Golf Club next November 24 performing some of his best-known hits internationally such as 'Ginza', 'Rojo' or 'Mi People'. However, fans hope that there will be a joint presentation between Balvin and Shakira.

So then, the interpreter of 'Ginza' and 'Mi gente' has decided to ask the organization for some requirements that, according to him, he needs for his appearance there to be a complete success, among these a room to be able to meditate hours before. The foregoing taking into account that, as part of his routine before going out on stage, J Balvin usually performs spiritual exercises to clear his mind and thus be able to concentrate in the best way.

Another of the Colombian artists who is part of the great sporting event is Camilo Echeverry, the paisa artist who is currently presenting internationally together with his wife Evaluna and her daughter Indigo. Although Hayya Hayya (Better together) is one of the central themes of Qatar 2022, the Colombian will participate in one of the other songs that are part of the World Cup.

For this, Camilo chose his song 'Aeropuerto', which he will adapt especially for the coverage of the event, and stated in a promotional interview that he was “very excited because it's the first time I've done this in my life.”

As for the other international artists, the presentation of Dua Lipa and the South Korean K-pop group BTS was also confirmed, although the latter were thought that were discarded because they announced that all the members will serve in the military and will return to the stage until 2025.