Cover of the book Lear or the beautiful sport.

To live between two worlds and be able to enjoy it without much inner contradiction, you have to take it with a sense of humor. Even more so if those two worlds are theater and football , which have everything and nothing to do with it. They are similar, for example, in that both are played live, without a network (security, it is understood); or in that the two represent dramas. They differ in that people go (or went) much more to football than to the theater or in the type of comments that come from the public.

When he was a child, the playwright and actor Maxi Rodríguez carried in his backpack his high-heeled boots and ballet shoes. He went from hearing a "what's up, that you run with the balls?" as a definitive argument to defend an exercise in training to recite texts by Oscar Wilde or Lorca in the theater group rehearsals. And I felt that you had to choose sides. Lear or the beautiful sport (KO Books) is the story of that permanent dialogue between Shakespeare and Quini – which father do you love more? – that he has on the grass tables of El Molinón and in the players who defend the Sporting jersey from Gijón the elements to represent a different and unexpected drama every weekend.

“When you've spent your whole life between Lear and the beautiful sport, you keep the human category of the characters, the turning points on the balcony of the area, the shimmering passage from drama to comedy, your stands crying in Greek chorus, the poetics of unbridled emotions on a pitch. The text by Maxi Rodríguez – who is usually confused with the former footballer of the same name – draws from the experience of having played on the dirt fields of Asturias.

To know what it is like in a Ujo-Figaredo held in a muddy field , losing by five goals to one, assign to one the marking of the strongest player of the rival and that you fit two jacks after offering a gum to break the silence. Improve that, Stanisvlaski.

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