Shaira surprised by imitating several celebrities: Shakira and Gustavo Petro among the favorites

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The 19-year-old popular singer showed off a talent few knew about in the middle of an interview and was even able to take the job of a famous comedian

Shaira surprised by imitating various celebrities: Shakira and Gustavo Petro among the favorites

Shaira, the young popular music singer, knows how to imitate Gustavo Petro, Paola Jara, Shakira and Rodolfo Hernández, among others

Many Colombians remember little Shaira Selena Peláez, winner of Factor XS 2011. However, for many it is a surprise to find a photo or video of the artist, since her childhood is already in the past.

The 19-year-old popular singer, who currently has singles like 'Mi Mejor Momento', 'No I Can Forget It', among others, recently gave a fun interview to the Tropicana radio station in which she not only talked about the new music that she is preparing, but she surprised with a talent that many were unaware of.

In the middle of her dialogue with the station, the young Santanderean had a fun time with comedian and impersonator Jhovanoty, who is recognized on the radio for his imitations of various characters from Colombian politics and entertainment. There, Shaira revealed to her that she also had a talent for imitation, so they had a battle in which the young woman showed off all the characters she can do.

Shaira It started with the singer of 'Van Gogh's Ear' Amaia Montero and surprised her with how well her songs turned out. Then the announcers told her that she could imitate Shakira and she assured that it was better for her, so she went on to interpret the new song by the Barranquilla singer called 'Monotonia', then she joked trying to imitate Ozuna, but that it did not turn out so well.

Then the young woman continued to demonstrate her talent by imitating her colleague Paola Jara and the Mexican Ana Gabriel, which surprised Jhovanoty, who immediately said, “no, where I know how to imitate the mayor I'm completely screwed”, which caused laughter on the station, but Shaira assured that Claudia López's voice it didn't work out.

“I feel sorry for myself, I'm still giving Petro a shit”, said the impersonator, to which the young woman showed that she also knew how to speak like the current president Gustavo Petro . Immediately, the young woman surprised even more by demonstrating her ability to imitate whoever the candidate who faced Petro in the second presidential round was, Rodolfo Hernández.

Before Shaira's talent show, the station told Jhovanoty “thank you for your services”, to which he replied affirmatively, leaving his position on the radio to the young singer because, according to him, “I don't know how to sing, so I screwed up on the side and side”.

More on Shaira's career

The singer from Santander, recognized for performing songs like 'When I grow up', 'I don't know', 'I can't forget it' or 'Córtame', was born on April 17, 2003 in Barbosa, Santander.From an early age he has admired the artists of the mariachi genre, a genre that he began singing at the age of five.

In 2011, he appeared on the children's reality show “Factor XS” of the RCN Television channel in Colombia, together with more than 40,000 children from all over the country, and became the winner of the program, remaining with the love and admiration of the public, not only for her talent, but also for her joy, sweetness, charisma and innocence, allowing her to start her artistic career in this way.

From that moment she began her rise, she became “The new voice of the ranchera in Colombia ” and recorded his first album 'Baila mi corazón', which was released in December 2012 under the production of Iván Calderón, with which he compiled some of his favorite songs, among which 'Cucurrucucú, Paloma' stands out, and < b>ten unreleased songs by great composers of the country such as Wilfran Castillo, Alberto Tico Mercado, Rolando Ochoa, Jhonn and Rivera, Pipe Calderón, among others.