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Sexual misconduct: Drainville files a bill

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Quebec Minister of Education, Bernard Drainville, presented Bill 47 to the press Wednesday morning .

The Canadian Press

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The Minister of ;Quebec Education, Bernard Drainville, wants to prevent delinquent teachers from changing schools.

It is not normal that a teacher can commit acts of a sexual nature with complete impunity and move from one service center to another or from one school to another. #x27;other without consequence, explained the minister a few minutes after the tabling of his bill on Wednesday.

If it is adopted , the law will require school service centers and private educational establishments to check the background of a teacher who comes from another school to ensure that he does not x27;is not a danger to children.

The professor's former employer will be required to provide the relevant information and documents.

L&#x27 The minister's initiative follows an investigation report into sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior in schools, which demonstrated that they were poorly equipped to deal with these situations.

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Currently, there are clauses which provide for the withdrawal of certain information from the disciplinary file of employees after a certain time. The government wants to put an end to this practice.

The bill ensures that acts of misconduct or actions that could cause fear for the physical and psychological safety of students will remain on the employee file. They will not be able, under amnesty clauses, to disappear after a few months or a few years.

A quote from Bernard Drainville, Minister of Education of Quebec

The minister admitted that certain amnesty clauses were included in collective agreements. We hope for the collaboration of the unions on this. We think that unions have the same objective as us to protect children, but my understanding is that this law will take precedence over collective agreements, he said.

The bill will allow the minister to investigate a professor without necessarily having received a formal complaint. With the law, I will be able to trigger the investigation committee when I have credible information. […] If the investigation is conclusive, we can suspend the teaching certificate or even revoke the teaching certificate, said the minister.

The bill will also require any person to report to the ministry a professor who has committed serious misconduct in the course of his duties.

The minister also wants to force school service centers and private schools to adopt a code of ethics. This code should in particular indicate the practices and conduct expected of people called upon to work with minor students, including bus drivers and all other extra-curricular service providers, we can read in the government press release.

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