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Sexual extortion: a guy

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12-year-old British Columbian kills himself committed suicide after online harassment.


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Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in Prince George, British Columbia, are asking parents and caregivers to have discussions with young people about the dangers of sexual extortion, following the suicide of a child 12 years for this reason.

Investigators revealed that the preteen killed himself in Prince George on October 12 after been the victim of online harassment.

Police are still trying to identify the suspect.

We ask parents and caregivers to be honest with their young people about the The dangers of online activity, especially if young people are chatting with people they don't really know, advises Corporal Jennifer Cooper, media relations officer with the Prince George RCMP detachment.

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Although not all cases of online sextortion lead to tragedy, a young person can live with the consequences of this type of activity for the rest of their life.

A quote from Jennifer Cooper, Prince George RCMP Detachment

Sextortion consists of extorting money or sexual favors from a person contacted, particularly through social media, under the threat of disseminating sexually explicit personal content.

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Carol Todd walks on October 14, 2022 with the portrait of girl, Amanda Todd, who took her own life after being the victim of harassment and extortion.

The number of reports of sexual extortion incidents increases each year in Prince George, as explained by the RCMP in a press release .

Prince George RCMP have received 30 reports of online sexual extortion so far in 2023, an increase of 50% from 2022.

The RCMP recommends that victims immediately stop all communication with the perpetrator of this cyberbullying, do not give in to his demands and deactivate all accounts they use to communicate with this person.

She also recommends that victims seek help and report any problems to the police.

British Columbia Attorney General Nicki Sharma said she is angry that people are victimizing young people and [she is^] wholeheartedly with the family who lost a child much too early,

She recalls that the province will put in place a new process to help victims from January 2024 of sexual extortion to remove images or videos circulating on the Internet.

In 2012, a teenager from Port Coquitlam, a suburb of Vancouver , also took his own life after being the victim of prolonged harassment and sextortion.

The latter, Amanda Todd, was only 15 years old.

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