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Sexual contacts: the Gatinois Jean-Philippe Chaussé acquitted on four counts

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Jean-Philippe Chaussé still has three cases in his name, including two for sexual offenses. (Archive photo)

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Jean-Philippe Chaussé was acquitted of four counts of sexual interference on Monday at the Gatineau courthouse. The 29-year-old is not done with justice, however, as he is expected in court later this year in other cases.

His lawyer, Me Gérard Larocque, confirmed his acquittal on Tuesday morning by email to Radio-Canada.

Jean-Philippe Chaussé was arrested on May 5, 2021 by the Police Department of the City of Gatineau (SPVG), which was then looking for potential victims of the man then aged 27.

At that time, the SPVG had already identified six victims, most of them minors. Accused of 17 counts of sexual crimes, Mr. Chaussé was then a military reservist.

The police force also indicated that the man seemed to be using the same stratagem, that is to say that he met his victims through the Héberge-Ado organization, which he himself frequented. as a teenager, before volunteering there.

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The SPVG provided, in May 2021, this photo of Jean-Philippe Chaussé. (File photo)

Me Larocque also mentioned that another case is awaiting a decision and that another is set for continuation later without however going into the details of the accusations against his client.

Jean-Philippe Chaussé still has three files to his name, including two for sexual offenses.

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He must first appear on February 13 for a case in which he faces three counts: sexual assault with a weapon, sexual assault with a weapon causing injury and non-consensual publication of an intimate image.

Mr. Chaussé will next be expected in court on February 27 to answer to a charge of sexual assault.

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