Sexologist Anna koteneva called ways to improve sexual life in isolation

Domestic sexologist Anna koteneva shared recommendations that will improve the sex life in the pair during the period of isolation due to a pandemic coronavirus. The expert said that the cold may and accumulated negative emotions is not the best way affect the libido of Russians.

Сексолог Анна Котенева назвала способы улучшить сексуальную жизнь на самоизоляции

Many people in Russia are experiencing due to the prolonged quarantine, financial problems, risk of Contracting and uncertainty about the future. The most emotional personalities may experience subsyndromal depression, which koteneva assessed as very unpleasant condition. In this regard, a number of Russians decreased libido, intimacy is relegated to the background, giving way to emotions because of the availability of housing, the possibility of acquiring products and gaining stability. Libido is usually observed in relatively calm individuals, partly to satisfy their key needs.

To increase libido, sexologist advises as often as possible to ventilate the living room, try not to forget about exercises and exercise in General. To stimulate a mutual attraction between partners can watching movie love romantic dinner with wine. In addition, it is better to refrain from watching disturbing news and those associated with the coronavirus, it is not desirable to include films about disasters and epidemics. Convinced the expert, and that if in the pair there is friendship and sharpness of emotions, self-isolation will only strengthen their bond.

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