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Sex education in Alberta:

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The proposals announced by Premier Danielle Smith have sparked reactions across the province.

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Alberta parents will be required to indicate their consent any time a teacher formally addresses issues regarding gender identity, sexual orientation or “human sexuality.”

In the absence of explicit consent from the parent, the student will be automatically excluded from the lesson, therefore the principle of presumed consent will not be applied.

It is the principle of presumed consent that guides teachers today. Indeed, when the school informs parents that a sex education lesson will be given in class, those who do not want their children to participate must notify them.

This is one of 10 measures unveiled by Alberta Premier Danielle Smith on Wednesday to preserve choice for children and youth.

For the president of the Alberta Teachers' Association, Jason Schilling, instituting an explicit consent policy will increase the task of the teacher.

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The Prime Minister has said that this will not be a burden on schools, but it will add an extra burden on teachers and school leaders, and I think anyone who has ever tried to get a form #x27;excursion for a student knows that this measure will be difficult to implement, he said in an interview.

That's a lot of extra work that doesn't need to be imposed on teachers and schools right now.

A quote from Jason Schilling, president of the Alberta Teachers' Association

He intends to talk with the government to highlight the unintended consequences of some of the announced policies. We need to have conversations, he added.

Geneviève Savard, president of the Fédération des parents francophones de l'Alberta (FPFA), believes that the issue deserves to be discussed, especially regarding questions of gender identity.

It's an important question, which has perhaps been neglected, but which is a little uncomfortable to discuss, recognizes the president.

Without taking a position on explicit consent, Ms. Savard affirms that parents must be placed at the center of child education ;child, but he is not the only one who can or must contribute to his education. The parent is the child's first educator, but he works in a plural society, indicates the president of the FPFA.

With information from CBC Radio's Eye Opener

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