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Several people died during protests outside the Kenyan Parliament

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun26,2024

Several people died during protests outside the Kenyan Parliament

Photo: Kenya. June 25, 2024/Photo by KABIR DHANJI/AFP

Several people were killed outside Kenya's Parliament on Tuesday when police clashed with demonstrators protesting a tax hike bill.

Police opened fire with live ammunition after failing to disperse thousands of protesters with tear gas and rubber bullets. Protesters are demanding lawmakers vote against proposed tax hikes.

Reporters from the Associated Press and Reuters reported seeing several bodies lying on the ground outside parliament. Dozens of people were injured, local sources reported.

Fires broke out in the parliament building complex after hundreds of protesters broke through police barricades and entered the complex. The fires were later extinguished.

In a joint statement, ambassadors from 13 Western powers expressed regret for the deaths and injuries in the protests and called for restraint on all sides. A US official told Voice of America: "We are closely monitoring the situation in Nairobi.". He added that the United States calls for calm and condemns violence.

Deputies passed the tax increase bill with 195 votes in favor and 106 votes against, and then left the building. The bill now heads to President William Ruto for signature.

Protests against the finance bill also took place on Tuesday in the cities of Mombasa, Kisumu and Naivasha.

Youth protests against increases have been growing in Kenya in recent days. taxes that the government says is needed to continue paying interest on the nation's high debt.

Protests have been largely peaceful, but domestic and international rights groups said two people were killed during demonstrations last week , accusing police of illegally detaining protesters.

MPs removed some proposed increases from the bill, including new taxes on bread, car ownership and financial transactions. However, this does not appear to satisfy protesters, who say the cost of living in Kenya is already too high.

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