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Several injured during of a shooting in Iowa

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The shooting that took place at a high school in the state of Iowa left one dead and five injured, according to local police.


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A shooting left one dead and five injured Thursday morning at a high school in the town of Perry, in the state of Iowa, in the United States.

During a brief morning press conference, Dallas County Sheriff Adam Infante said the situation had been brought under control at Perry High School, a small town about 60 miles away. north of the state capital of Des Moines.

The victims were transported to the Iowa Methodist Medical Center and at MercyOne Medical Center in Des Moines, the Polk County Medical Coordination Center said in a statement.

According to the American channels NBC and CNN, which cite Perry police officials, the shooter ended his life after opening fire in the school.

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Dallas County Sheriff Adam Infante confirmed there were “numerous injured people” at the scene of the shooting.

Students and staff were returning to class this morning after the holiday break when the shooting occurred shortly after 7:30 a.m. local time.

In an interview with local radio, Lori Meinecke, a teacher at Perry High School, said she heard at least six or seven gunshots followed by screams from school coaches ordering students to evacuate. the locations.

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Zander Shelley, 15, was in a hallway waiting for his school day to start when he heard the gunshots. He rushed into a classroom, where he hid before sending a text message to his father, Kevin Shelley, who said he had the biggest fear of his life. /p>

An 18-year-old student, Rachael Kares, was finishing her jazz group rehearsal when shots rang out in the school. She and her companions immediately ran out of the school when she heard people shouting to get out immediately.

The school was later completely evacuated under police supervision around 8:30 a.m.

The community of Perry has approximately 8,000 inhabitants. The city's community school district has 1,785 students.

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A shooting occurred at Perry High School in Iowa on Thursday morning.

With information from NBC News, Associated Press and CNN

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