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Multiple injured in a stabbing attack in Chicoutimi

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The security perimeter should remain in place for several hours around the restaurant La Belle et la Bœuf.

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Several people were injured following a stabbing incident that occurred Wednesday afternoon at the restaurant La Belle et la Bœuf, located in Chicoutimi, a stone's throw from the Place du Couronne shopping center.

A man was arrested, confirmed the Saguenay Police Service (SPS).

Around 2:20 p.m., the Saguenay Police Department received a call for an armed attack at the La Belle et la Bœuf restaurant. The patrol officers went to the scene, found injured people on the scene and apprehended a suspect, said Tanya Lapointe, spokesperson for the police force.

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A police intervention began Wednesday afternoon around the La Belle et la Bœuf restaurant on Place du Couronne, in Chicoutimi.

The exact number of injured and their state of health are not known. The police, however, explained that several people were transported to Chicoutimi Hospital, whether for physical injuries or for psychological shock.

An investigation is underway. Several people witnessed the scene.

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