Several entertainment journalists did not miss a detail in the photos.

Several entertainment journalists did not miss a detail in the photos.

Gerard Piqué must be going through the most hectic days since it was revealed that he was separating from the Colombian Shakira< /b>, and all because of his new relationship with Clara Chía, which is no longer a secret.

Piqué and his new girlfriend, Clara Chía Martí, seen at a wedding: see the photos VideoPiqué, the great one: they reveal photos of Shakira 'worse than ever' with their children

Both have already made themselves look much better in public. The last time was at a soccer player's wedding where Piqué and his new love were caught by the press.

While everything seems to indicate that the mourning of the separation will be transferred to the judicial courts, since he leads his ordinary life,

Regardless of people's criticism, Piqué attended the wedding and the first photos of the event were revealed, revealed by 'Hello', in which he is seen with his girlfriend, unleashing a sea of ​​comments on social networks.

The new version

Several-entertainment-journalists-didn't They lost detail in the photos.

The photos that emerged in the press sparked new speculation. Some celebrity journalists who have closely followed the case dared to suggest that the woman has more belly than normal for her body.

They indicated, without mincing words, that she could be pregnant. In 'El gordo y la flaca', the presenter Raúl de Molina was one of those who pointed out that detail: “You can see how she has a small belly, this woman looks like she is skinny, and you can see her belly.” /p> Qatar World Cup: in-depth tour of the 8 World Cup stadiums Panini Album: the news of the edition, which circulates on Sunday with EL TIEMPO Juan Pablo Montoya, very critical of Ferrari's moment in Formula 11

“Clarita seems to have half a belly, could it be gas or is it a baby coming? You see that belly,” commented Javier Ceriani, the host of 'Gossip No Like', an American program.

It wasn't just the journalists, in addition, on the social networks there are lots of comments from followers who speculate with the same version, which for now is just that, a speculation that has given much topic of conversation.

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