Seven tips for an old cell phone to charge faster

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Even if you don't have a 33-watt or higher charger, a phone from a few years ago can recover its battery in less than two hours with these simple tricks

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Seven tips for an old cell phone to charge faster

How to improve the charging time of an old cell phone without damaging its battery.

Fast charging is already a common factor in current phones, but those who still have a cell phone from a model from two or three years ago, this option is probably not available and they must wait more than two hours to recover the battery. /p>

However, there are several tips that can help cut down that time and gain a few minutes to use the phone again, without damaging the battery or affecting the life of the device.< /p>

Plug it into the outlet

Although a cell phone can be charged by connecting to a computer or even to a USB port on a wall, this type of connection offers a very low power output and therefore the charging time is much longer. This will not damage the mobile, but it will make the wait longer

So it is always best to opt for the traditional wall plug, with the original charger. This ensures high power flow and is a good start for the rest of the tips.

Avoid wireless charging

Although Perhaps this is not an option that the cell phone that we have has, in case of having it, it is better to discard it if what you are looking for is charging speed. It is proven that this way makes the process 50% slower, so it will be twice the waiting time.

Seven tips so an old cell phone charges faster

How to improve the charging time of an old cell phone without damaging its battery.

Quality cable

< p class="paragraph">The best option is always to use the original cable that the phone came with in the box. But there are viable alternatives that are found in specialized stores and that with the right advice will not damage the phone.

In these places are red, green, white and black wires. The reds and blacks are the ones that are focused on charging, so this may be the right option to improve the reload time in case you have lost the original or it has been damaged.

Be careful with the cover and some places

Additional cases and covers are important to protect the cell phone from shocks and lightning. But they are an enemy of the burden. Lithium batteries must be in a range of 5 to 45 degrees Celsius to charge optimally, so if the phone has a case that is made of fabric, has cotton or some material that produces heat, it is better to remove it while the process.

This will not only improve the charging time, because the battery is in better temperature conditions, but it will also prevent it from overheating and being damaged over time.

This tip also applies if when charging the mobile it is placed on surfaces such as blankets, red and other devices, because they produce heat and the process will take longer.

Seven tips for an old cell-phone to charge faster

How to improve the charging time of an old cell phone without damaging its battery.

Turn off the phone

It is a simple tip, but very functional. When you turn off the device, it will be focused on charging and not running other applications. This will make the process faster and more efficient.

Do not use the cell phone

It is very similar to the previous one, but if you need charge and in the same way be aware of a call or message, it is best to leave it still and not use it for anything else, because when opening applications or playing the process slows down when entering a constant charge and battery consumption. In addition, this can also affect the useful life of the phone over time.

Airplane mode

Perhaps it is an overlooked fact , but most of the battery that a mobile consumes is focused on searching for a coverage signal, so the more difficult it is to find it, the more battery it will use.

The best alternative is put the phone in airplane mode, this way it will stop doing that process and it will charge 25% faster. Something simple but useful.

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