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Serhiy Zhadan and Yevhen Turchynov shot a music video for the soundtrack to the movie “The Mousetrap” in the dugout

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul6,2024

Serhiy Zhadan and Yevhen Turchynov shot a music video for the soundtrack to the movie

Serhiy Zhadan and Yevhen Turchynov presented a joint song/frame from the video

Serhiy Zhadan teamed up with Yevhen Turchynov. Together they performed the powerful song “Mysholovka” – a track for the film of the same name.

As the artist notes, the song “Mysholovka” was recorded within the mini-album “Tango Kharkiv”. The composition became the official soundtrack to the thriller “The Mousetrap” by the author and director Serhii Kastornikh.

With the joint efforts of the performers, as well as the creators of the tape, a music video for the song was also released. In this video work, we can see footage from the film. It is interesting that the interior for filming was a dugout,in which, according to the plot, the main character of the film is Anton, a soldier. The actors of the film – Yuriy Kulinich, Andriy Isayenko and Anna Birzul – also joined the filming.

Serhiy Zhadan and Yevhen Turchynov – Mousetrap: watch the video

Please note that the idea to involve the duet of Serhiy Zhadan and Yevgeny Turchynov in the creation of the soundtrack belonged to the author of the film Serhiy Kastornykh – a recognized Ukrainian screenwriter (“Stars in exchange “, “Mirny-21”, “War in my head”, “How is Katya?”). Later, he was also the author of the idea of ​​the clip and its director.

But the cameraman of this video work and the director of photography was Yuriy Korol (“Zakhar Berkut”, “Mirny-21”, “Pulse”, “Cyborgs”) .

What is known about the movie “The Mousetrap”

“The Mousetrap” is a film that keeps you in suspense from the first frame. A wounded soldier is held hostage in a dugout: enemy artillery fire has caused the fortifications to collapse, the only way out is blocked by debris and earth. A fortification becomes a trap for a soldier.

A film about the personal limits that a person is ready to cross during war for his own survival, about the motivation to fight even in a hopeless situation – in the cinema in 2025.

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