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Serhii Zhadan and Yevhen Turchynov presented the mini-album “Tango Kharkiv”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun3,2024

Serhiy Zhadan and Yevhen Turchynov presented the mini-album "Tango Kharkiv"

Serhiy Zhadan and Yevhen Turchynov/

Ukrainian writer and poet Serhiy Zhadan together with composer Yevgeny Turchynov, a member of the band “Zhadan and Dogs”, released the mini-album “Tango Kharkiv”. Listen to incredible songs on all music platforms.

Serhiy Zhadan wrote about the new mini-album on his Instagram page.

The album consists of three compositions: “The Mousetrap”, “Dance” and “Tango Kharkiv”. The words for the songs were written by Serhii Zhadan, and the music by Yevhen Turchynov.

Lyrics written by men about women. A rather unexpected, bittersweet and passionate record about longing and hope was released – this is how the authors described the album.

These songs were not included in the repertoire of the band “Zhadan and Sobaki” for various reasons, but the authors decided to release them in a separate release.

Details about songs:

  • Song “Mousetrap” became the official soundtrack to the Ukrainian thriller of the same name, which will appear in cinemas in 2025.
  • To the song “Tango Kharkiv”an official music video directed by Mykhailo Lukyanenko was released. The clip was filmed at the Kharkiv National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet named after Mykola Lysenko.

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You can listen to the album “Tango Kharkiv” on all streaming platforms.

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