Sergey Tokarev shares how Reface reaches the top of AppStore charts

Sergey Tokarev, an IT investor, businessman, expressed his views related to the progress of RefaceAl, a Ukrainian IT development company. RefaceAl released a face replacement app, Reface, on January 13, 2020. The app grabbed huge attraction on AppStore and GooglePlay in various countries of the world. In July, the app surpassed 5 million downloads within the six months of its launch. It allows its users to replace faces on GIF-images. The users can replace the face displayed in a GIF-image with their own or someone else faces.

You can become a popular athlete, actor, singer, movie character, or President of the United States of America by using Reface (ex Doublicat). There are two available versions of the app including a free version and a premium version. The premium version allows users to download their photos and GIF. Moreover, it removes the watermark from ready-made GIF-animation.

The Current Progress of Reface
Sergey Tokarev, a RefaceAl investor, said that the app was growing intensively since its launch in January. More than 750000 users downloaded the app in the first two months. It crossed the 1 million downloads mark in May. In the next two months, the app received huge attraction as it crossed 4 million downloads. The app overtook the most downloaded apps in Ukraine including TikTok and Privatbank in early July. TikTok was also beaten by the app in other countries including Thailand and the Philippines. The app made its way to reach tops of AppStore charts in Europe on July 6.

Sergey Tokarev announced that Reface was ranked 17th on AppStore in the Entertainment category on July 28. Moreover, it was ranked 13th on GooglePlay in the same category in the US on the same date. The users from Malaysia, Brunei, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan also showed a huge interest in the app.

Comparative Analysis of Reface
The rating of the Reface app (Doublicat) on AppStore is amazing: 4.9/5. The app has several advantages over its competitors including higher realism, better UI/UX design, and good image creation speed. It is difficult to recognize a person in faces generated by the Morphine app. The app uses completely “computer-designed” technology for face replacement. That is why it is unable to bring realism in the replaced images. Faces is another popular face replacement app. However, it does not even try to create realistic images. It allows the users to roughly cut and embed their faces from their photos in GIFs in 2D format. GIF You is another such app that works better somehow. The app does not allow its users to get moving faces in GIFs. After looking at these parameters, Reface is the boss app in the field of face replacement on GIFs.

The Advantages of Reface
There are some attractive features of Reface that are helping it to grow intensively. It allows users to get more realistic faces on GIF-images due to the use of a machine-learning algorithm. The algorithm is developed by the company itself that is based on Artificial Intelligence. Most of the competitors of the app use computer-generated imagery (CGI) technology in their face replacement apps. The technology used by RefaceAl is much better than its competitors. Reface provides quality results to users due to the use of self-learning AI software. The app has achieved to attract celebrities as well. Famous Ukrainian singers used this app to create popular song videos. The future prospect of the app is to replace faces on videos, according to Sergey Tokarev

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