Sergey Tokarev – How Reface became no. 1 app on American GooglePlay and AppStore

Sergey Tokarev, an investor of Reface AI, a Ukrainian IT development firm, shared the secrets behind the success of Reface (original name was Doublicat) on Google Play and App Store across the world. According to the recent stats, the app has surpassed 20 million downloads by the end of August. The company released the app on January 13, 2020. It is a huge achievement to become a leading app on the app stores in such a quick time.

How did Reface reach 20M downloads?
According to the RefaceAI public release, the app grabbed over 1 million downloads in the first three months of its release. In the next three months, the app was downloaded by a total of at least 5 million users. The most recent stats suggest that the app has been downloaded by 20M users across the world. In the beginning, the app grabbed the huge attention of the people of Thailand. In June, it became the no. 1 app on Google Play and App Store in Thailand. Later on, it became popular in the Philippines. Then, it conquered the European and US markets. The Ukrainian public also appreciated Reface, a face replacement app that works on videos and GIF-images. In the US, it left many popular apps behind on AppStore in terms of popularity. It crossed YouTube, Facebook, Zoom, and Instagram to become the no. 1 app in the US.

Uniqueness and realistic results of Reface
Sergey Tokarev, an IT businessman, said that the success of Reface was associated with its authentic origin and uniqueness. “While all of Reface’s competitors keep on using CGI, Reface AI followed a different path,” said the company investor. The computer-generated imagery (CGI) technology has some major drawbacks as compared to the AI-based technology developed by the company. The RefaceAI developers took three years to develop their unique face replacement technology.

Sergey Tokarev said about the realistic results of the app, “It takes only a short time to process an image, and you get the final image as realistic as possible.” The results of the app were far beyond expectations.

Diversity of face replacement options
The app is not limited to replacing faces on the GIF-images or videos provided by the developers. The users of the app can also apply the technology on their own videos and GIF-images. Moreover, the content catalog provided by RefaceAI is also quite extensive. The app users can replace their faces with even the face of Donald J. Trump, the president of the US. The other options include Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Friends, Iron Man, and many more.

Elon Musk and RefaceAI’s success
Elon Musk, a renowned IT businessman, shared the results of the Reflect app, a face replacement app that works on photos, on his Twitter account. The Reflect app was released by the company last year. Sergey Tokarev said, “These photos were published by thousands of media around the world, and the app instantly gained popularity among the users.”

According to him, Reface is a large stage for the company. It is huge progress in the field of photo and video industry. The company is working on the development of technology to detect fake videos and photos generated by using face replacement apps. Moreover, it takes the security of the user data as the most important priority. The videos and photos are only saved on the mobile phones of the users. The main target of RefaceAI is to enter blogging, filmmaking, gaming, and advertising industries for the monetization purpose. 

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