Sergey Tokarev: How Doublicat became most-downloaded app on global app stores

Sergey Tokarev: How Doublicat became most-downloaded app on global app stores

Sergey Tokarev, an IT businessman and investor of RefaceAl, a Ukrainian IT development company, expressed the success secrets behind the popularity of Doublicat, an app that allows face replacement on GIF images. Doublicat by RefaceAl became one of the most-downloaded apps on AppStore and GooglePlay within a few months. The largest players in the field of Information Technology has been attracted by the app.

Overview of Doublicat App
Doublicat is a prominent project of RefaceAl. The app allows the users to replace the faces on the GIF images. It was released on January 13, 2020. The app was downloaded by 750,000 people in the first two months while it reached a milestone of 1 million downloads in less than three months. Sergey Tokarev shared the details related to the creation and further improvements of the app. According to him, the development team of his company took more than four years to create Doublicat. The development team worked on the improvement of machine learning methods in the beginning.

Different Stages of Development
Sergey Tokarev said that the development went through important steps before creating Doublicat. First, the company released an app named “Reflect” a year ago. The Reflect app allowed the users to replace the face on photos and images. RefaceAl is using its own face replacement technology that is based only on artificial intelligence. However, most of its competitors use computer-generated imaginary (CGI) technology in their face replacement apps. The Reflect app attracted Elon Musk, a renowned industrial engineer and IT entrepreneur. He shared the results of the app on Twitter. Tokarev said, “Media around the world began to post and show these photos.” Musk helped the company to attract more users in a quick time. After the success of Reflect, the company launched the Doublicat app. Now, RefaceAl is working on face replacement in videos. The development team is looking for commercial prospects of their technology.

A Huge Challenge for Face Replacement Technologies
There are some side effects of face replacement technologies. Some people are using it for bad purposes including defaming others. For example, people can use the face replacement app to sabotage someone’s reputation by replacing his/her face with the face of a pornstar. Sergey Tokarev said, “Such phenomena became more and more common. It is important to counteract them.” He ensured that the gifs created by using Doublicat were protected with logos and watermarks. He added, “RefaceAl is currently developing a mechanism that will determine the authenticity of photos, videos, and GIFs online.”

Upcoming Milestones of RefaceAl
Sergey Tokarev shared some of the upcoming prospects of his company. He said that they had not reached the final monetization stage of the face replacement technology yet. Their upcoming goal is to look forward to the commercial prospects of their technology. The unique and realistic results of their technology push cinemas, video games, and advertisements to use it. They have already worked together with the local cinema network for implementing a “kinoselfie” project.

Tokarev told the media that they were working on replacing faces on videos in the most realistic manner. The development team is also working on improving the algorithm to produce the best results and attract more users. The main strength of the company has been identified as its own innovative technology that works only with the help of artificial intelligence, according to Tokarev.

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