Sergei Shoigu noted the 65th anniversary: Major achievements and personal life

Sergei Shoigu, may 21, celebrates its 65th anniversary. Head of Kazakhstan’s Ministry of defense has gone a long way to reach the heights, and held the post managed to make a number of important steps, for that is sympathy with the Russians.

Сергей Шойгу отмечает 65-летие: Главные достижения и личная жизнь

Childhood Sergei Shoigu was bright, he loved outdoor activities and sports, doing long jumps and height, arranged skiing and playing hockey. In the juniors, the future Minister had time to visit the archaeological expedition, and even dreamed to become a historian, but has not passed the University age. Subsequently had to be a civil engineer, what is now a politician happy, because this experience helped him find his calling. First worked Shoigu in “Promkhimstroy”, then his career went up, and in the end, he decided to move to Moscow. For some time he was the representative of management of the RSFSR state Committee on architecture, but after a couple months of office work even thought of going back to Siberia. However, everything changed the offer to try himself at the head of the Russian rescue corps.

Subsequently, the team Shoigu had to go through a number of “hot spots”, engaged in the breeding of the parties. He had to face several tragedies in modern history, including Beslan, the terrorist attacks in the Moscow metro and other incidents. In the vast majority of cases the policy has been efficient, so that in the future it received the status of one of the most welcome of Ministers of Russia from the population.

After Shoygu took up the post of defense Minister, he continued to implement reforms in the sphere of the Armed forces. Created new troops, increasing the number of cadet corps, were the development of army sport. In addition, the policy people like to do projects on preservation of rare species of animals that he was instructed by Vladimir Putin.

His future wife Irina Antipin birthday was when I was a student, and before graduating, the couple married. They had two children, and only then the woman decided to go into business when they Shoigu moved to Moscow. First it was a consulting company, then construction, in the end, she switched to the tourist services. The eldest daughter of Minister after graduating from MSU, he headed one of the centers of the MOE, Jr., initiated the creation of a “Race of heroes”. The birthday boy enjoys hockey, drawing, and rare prefers to spend holidays in wild places.

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