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Serbia: prosecutor's office asks police to investigate electoral fraud presumed

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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic at a polling station during the parliamentary and local elections on 17 December 2023 in Belgrade, Serbia.

Agence France-Presse

The Serbian prosecutor's office announced on Saturday that it had asked the police to gather evidence concerning allegations of fraud during the recent elections, following ;an international outcry over alleged irregularities.

Serbia held parliamentary and local elections on December 17, in which President Aleksandar Vucic's party declared a landslide victory.

But The election drew widespread criticism after a team of international observers – including representatives from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) – denounced a series of x27;irregularities, including vote buying and ballot stuffing.

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Aleksandar Vucic and his party claimed victory, as polling stations across the country closed on the day parliamentary elections on December 17, 2023.

Hundreds of people demonstrated daily in front of the Serbian electoral commission, several opposition MPs went on hunger strike to demand the annulment of the vote results and international condemnations poured in.

Germany called the alleged fraud unacceptable for a country hoping to join the European Union, the United States called on Belgrade to address election observers' concerns, and the European Union said Serbia's electoral process requires tangible improvements and further reforms.

On Saturday, Serbia's prosecutor's office said it had asked police to investigate several alleged irregularities so prosecutors could determine whether there was enough evidence to bring formal charges.

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Numerous cases of alleged irregularities have been reported, including cases of electoral corruption and vote buying, the Belgrade prosecutor's office said in a statement.

[We] have attached a video recording of two women talking about the alleged handing over of money by an unknown person [to make them ] vote.

A quote from Excerpt from the press release from the Belgrade prosecutor's office

Other reported irregularities included falsified ballots found in ballot boxes in Belgrade, the capital, he added.

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Marinika Tepic, one of the leaders of the main opposition camp in Serbia, called for new demonstrations to protest against the election results, which she accuses of being tainted by fraud. (File photo)

The party of one of the MPs on hunger strike, Marinika Tepic from Serbia against the violence, which stopped eating since Monday, said her health was in danger and had to receive daily infusions.

Despite all this, she is not giving up and remains determined to fight to the end to overturn the elections that were brutally stolen, Tepic's Freedom and Justice Party said in a statement.

Despite the torrent of criticism, the Serbian president remained steadfast. He said this week that there is no doubt that we will defend the will of the people.

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