September 11: Donald Trump, absent from the commemorations, denounces the “incompetence” of Joe Biden

September 11, 2021 by archyde

Joe Biden, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton in New York, George W. Bush in Pennsylvania… Of the American presidents of the 21st century, only one was missing this Saturday: Donald Trump. The former American president did not participate in any official commemoration in the United States, preferring to publish a video message in which – if he pays homage to the victims and to the “courage” of the firefighters, police officers or rescuers intervened 20 years ago – tackle (especially) his successor.

“It is also a sad moment for the way our war against those who have done so much harm to our country ended last week”, lamented Donald Trump in this video. “The leader of our country has passed for an idiot,” he adds, without citing Joe Biden. “We will have a hard time recovering from the embarrassment this incompetence has caused,” the billionaire continued in his video.

Regretting the death of 13 soldiers, killed in an attack near Kabul airport in August, Donald Trump denounced the seizure by the Taliban of American military equipment “without a single shot being fired”. “Joe Biden and his incompetent administration have capitulated,” he said.

Donald Trump veut boxer Joe Biden

Friday, Donald Trump participated by phone in an interview with the host of a boxing competition. “If you could box someone on Saturday night (Editor’s note: Donald Trump must comment on a match this Saturday, September 11), who would it be, and what would the fight look like? »Asks the host. “My easiest fight would be against Joe Biden, because I think it would be very, very quick,” he replies. And adds, “I think Biden would be down in seconds. “

On September 11, 2001, the man who was then a businessman reacted to the attack on the Twin Towers, congratulating himself that his building is now the largest in Manhattan. “I mean, 40 Wall Street (NDLR : le « Trump Building ») was actually the second tallest building in downtown Manhattan, and it was actually the tallest before the World Trade Center, then when they built the World Trade Center it has become the second tallest, and now it is the biggest one, he had said on the phone, to a local television channel, as recalled The Independant. An assertion which, later verified, had turned out to be false, another building being taller than Trump’s.

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