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Seoul announced the DPRK's testing of a hypersonic missile

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun27,2024

Seoul announced the DPRK's testing of a hypersonic missile


Pivnichna Korea conducted a test launch of a rocket on Wednesday, June 26, which sank in the wind. According to the data of the Red Korean military, the purpose of their air vessels was similar to hypersonic.

According to the words of the official representative of the Joint Committee of the Chiefs of Staff of the Korean War ї, the missile launch from the DPRK took place early in the morning after Pyongyang another flurry of concoctions and smithies for the day. At Incheon Airport, near New Korea, there were heavy rains for three years.

Seoul says the missile flew from the area in the DPRK capital of Pyongyang or even more. The Korean and American intelligence services conducted a detailed analysis, reported to the Joint Chiefs Committee, reports CBS News.

A representative of the Korean Army said that it has been tested The launch of a missile similar to a hypersonic one ended in failure. The missile flew about 250 km.

The Korean official also believed that the missile produced more smoke, but it did not imply that the number of problems caused by fires was increasing. It added that the missile was apparently equipped with a solid fuel.

The Associated Press reported that later, Korea carried out military operations to renew its “fire” entry sea cordon from the DPRK.

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