Self-defence of Japan will update the small arms

The Ministry of defense of Japan for the first time in 30 years carry out the replacement of weapons in the Land forces. The division will receive new small arms – rifle Type 20.

Самооборона Японии обновит стрелковое оружие

According to preliminary information, the cost of upgrading the weapons would be approximately 900 million yen, equivalent to 8 380 000 dollars. The production of a new small arms company Howa Machinery, which is located in Kiyosu. Only the government is planning to purchase for self-3283 units rifle Type 20. In addition, will receive an additional 20 million yen to the guns SFP 9, which produces the German company Heckler & Koch.

It is worth noting, the last time self-defense forces were updated in 1982. New weapons will arrive in the division next year.

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