Selena Gomez didn't know if she was ready to tell this story: “I was just gone”

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The premiere of her documentary directed by Alek Keshishian revealed many aspects of her life that were unknown and had been kept private

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After the premiere of My Mind & me, a documentary about the life of Selena Gomez, many aspects of the singer's mental health were revealed, although she was vulnerable, she revealed that she did not know if it was the ideal time to tell her story.

The career of Selena Gomez began when she was a child, she went through important programs such as Barney and Wizards of Waverly Place that catapulted her towards Disney projects and other production companies, which were bigger and bigger.

Selena Gomez didn't know if she was ready to tell this story: “I was just gone”

Selena Gomez's career began when she was just a child (Photo: Instagram/@ selenagomez)

In conversation with Rolling Stone, Selena Gomez mentioned how she lived her diagnosis of bipolarity, the way in which the medications she was taking affected her -some of them were not even indicated-, at what age she began to manifest symptoms and the series of decisions she made, including , allowing filmmaker Alek Keshishian to document various aspects of his illnesses.

The documentary filmmaker himself recently spoke about the confidence that the interpreter of Same Old Love he deposited in his work. It should be noted that it was at the age of 24 that he authorized him to record absolutely everything related to his life.

It was at that time when she felt that many of her dreams might not come true, since her twenties was when she felt the furthest from getting married and starting a family.

Selena Gomez didn't know if she was ready to tell this story: “I was just gone”

Selena Gomez asked the director to record all aspects of her life, even if they were critical moments REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Selena Gomez revealed that she has been to four rehabilitation centers and that her emotional ups and downs could last weeks or months, but she couldn't pinpoint what triggered them. For Rolling Stone magazine he mentioned the following:

“I think around the time I started to turn twenty, that's when it started to get really dark, when I started to feel like I wasn't in control of what I was feeling, whether it was really good or really bad.”

First, the young singer began to feel depressed, then she continued to isolate herself. “So it was just that I couldn't move from my bed. I didn't want anyone to talk to me. My friends brought me food because they loved me, but none of us knew what it was. Sometimes I would spend weeks in bed, to the point that even going downstairs would take my breath away, ”she told Rolling Stone magazine.

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Although Selena Gomez did not try to end her life, it was an idea that she often thought about, as she experienced feelings that “told” her that everything would be better if she were not there. Around 2018 she also had symptoms of psychosis, the 30-year-old singer mentioned that one of the most “terrifying” stages of this disorder was that she did not know when it could end.

It was the diagnosis of bipolarity that helped Selena Gomez understand what had happened to her, “It was just that I was gone,” she mentioned regarding the use of medications, although she did not detail in depth, if she mentioned that it felt like a part of her essence was no longer with her.

she Later she had the opportunity to meet another doctor who took her off some of these medications and “guided” her to come back and detox. Although it took the Calm Down singer a while to assimilate that she lives with bipolarity, it helped her realize that it's something she wasn't going to let go of.

Some of the revelations made by the documentary about the actress and singer are that she did not want to do her 2016 tour, that she had a complicated relationship with her father and his commented relationship with Justin Bieber.