Secret polymers to make a new Russian Corvette “mercury” an invisible enemy

Секретные полимеры сделают новый российский корвет «Меркурий» невидимым врагу

Enemy radars can’t detect new Russian Corvette is the project 20386 “mercury” at a great distance, as when the building will use stealth technology, write “Izvestia”, citing sources in the military-industrial complex.

The superstructure of the ship will cause a radio reflection of the special part of the classified polymer. Of course, completely invisible “mercury” he will not do, but will significantly reduce the probability of detection. “Without these technologies the Corvette would have found, relatively speaking, at ranges of 200-300 km, and for half the distance. And this is a serious win in combat,” commented military expert, editor of Military Russia Dmitry Kornev.

The main problem when creating a new coverage is to maintain its resistance to wind and salt water with good shielding properties. Engineers-chemists managed to make it layered, it has successfully passed the first test, which, according to “Izvestia”, the Ministry of defence at a cost of 1.6 million rubles.

A source in the Department informed about the fundamental decision to use new stealth technology in the construction and other warships. “Now all the projects for future Russian ships, which were presented at various exhibitions, originally developed by technology “stealth”, — confirmed Dmitry Kornev.

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