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Second week of ;hearings at the trial of Marc-André Grenon

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Judge François Huot presides over the trial of Marc-André Grenon at the Chicoutimi courthouse.

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The hearings resumed this morning at the Chicoutimi courthouse during the trial of Marc-André Grenon , the alleged murderer of Guylaine Potvin.

However, they were quickly suspended for a few minutes to allow lawyers to discuss questions of law.

When returning from the break, Judge François Huot explained to the jury that the lawyers came to the conclusion that the fingerprints found in Guylaine Potvin's house did not correspond to those of Marc-André Grenon.

However, the magistrate clarified that this fact could not lead to the conclusion that the accused had never been in the apartment. On the other hand, the prints do not incriminate her either.

The 19-year-old was found dead in Jonquière in 2000. Marc-André Grenon is accused of killing and sexually assaulting him.

The day began with the continuation of the cross-examination of crime scene technician André Lecomte. It was the latter who was called to analyze the victim's apartment a few hours after the discovery of her body on April 28, 2000. Now retired, Mr. Lecomte was attached to the case for several months that year .

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The crime scene technician quickly found a broken belt near the victim's head. He found a piece of metal on the ground that appeared to match the broken buckle. He seized both items for analysis.

Looking at the victim, he noticed that she had injuries to her neck. He also noticed that her face showed signs of violence, particularly in her eyes, nose and mouth.

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