Scrubs : the creator is explained on the blackfaces, the 3 episodes deleted back soon ?

Scrubs : le créateur s'explique sur les blackfaces, les 3 épisodes supprimés bientôt de retour ?

Scrubs : the creator explains the use of the blackface, the 3 episodes deleted back soon ?

Like 30 Rock or The Office, Scrubs has recently seen some of its episodes disappear from different platforms of streaming, because of the use of blackfaces during certain sequences. Use that regret today Bill Lawrence (the creator), as he explained to Zach Braff and Donald Faison.

A few days ago, we learned that 3 episodes of Scrubs would disappear from the catalog of Hulu, a streaming platform in the US. The reason for this ? They put in the scene of the blackfaces (characters white disguised in black), a practice that is logically deemed a racist because the color of skin is not intended to be a spring comedy.

The creator of Scrubs is explained on the use of blackface

This Monday, June 29, 2020, with Bill Lawrence – creator of Scrubs, was the guest of the podcast Fake Doctors, Real Friends Zach Braff and Donald Faison to return to these episodes. And on this occasion, the dad of JD and Turk has explained what he sees today as “ignorance” and arrogance.

We thought we almost had a kind of carte blanche, that we were not forced to think about [the history of blackface], because at the time, we were super proud of ourselves with our series full of diversity, whether in front of or behind the camera,” he revealed in particular. According to the showrunner of Scrubs, he and his team were convinced that they were able to control everything, even on sensitive topics, “We had to screen an incredible friendship between a white and a black as it actually exists, an interracial couple… It was almost arrogant in saying, ‘One is so gifted in what it embodies, what we do, what we watch, we may not sink in troubled waters’.

The episodes back soon ?

A reflection he regrets today, “it makes me shameful” and which thus explains its decision to have done away with these episodes. However, he quickly clarified, they could not remain indefinitely off-line on Hulu and other platforms-streaming in the future.

Bill Lawrence has indeed recalled, he just made the best decisions at the time based on logistic resources he had at his disposal, “I said on Twitter, ‘Why have you deleted the entire episodes ? Why didn’t you just cut the times of difficulty, and then given the episodes ?’ And I answered, ‘We live in a pandemic. I don’t really have access to my tables editing’ But I will certainly later. There, the first thing that I really wanted to do was to remove the visibility of these passages because I do stand more.”

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