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The Premier of Saskatchewan spoke about the arrest of Ryan Domotor on the first day of the Agribition fair, in Regina.


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Premier Scott Moe calls MPP Ryan Domotor's alleged solicitation of sexual services “disgusting and vile.”

MP Cutknife-Turtleford was arrested last Thursday at a hotel in Regina's east end and is accused of communicating with someone for sexual services.

The Premier of Saskatchewan spoke about the arrest of Ryan Domotor during the first day of the Agribition Fair in Regina.

< p class="Text-sc-2357a233-1 imohSo">What happened is disgusting and despicable, to be frank. A government must support women in vulnerable positions, not exploit them.

A quote from Scott Moe, Premier of Saskatchewan

The Prime Minister expelled the MP from his caucus after his office confirmed the accusation.

The actions alleged against Ryan Domotor are completely opposite of what a member of the Saskatchewan government should do, added Scott Moe.

Scott Moe maintained that his government would continue its efforts in the fight against sexual exploitation, in particular by funding second-stage shelters in the province.

During the Speech from the Throne in October, the government committed to amending the Human Trafficking Protection Act.

Ryan Domotor is part of a group of 16 people who were arrested by the Regina Police Service as part of an operation to combat sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

He was elected as an MP for the first time in 2020. Last July, he was chosen as a candidate for the 2024 provincial election.

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Saskatchewan MP representing the riding of Cutknife-Turtleford, Ryan Domotor.

Since last Friday, the announcement of his candidacy is no longer posted on the Saskatchewan Party website.

He's not going to show up for us. We will find a new candidate for this riding, said Scott Moe on Monday.

For now, Ryan Domotor still represents the voters of Cutknife-Turtleford , but independently.

His first appearance is scheduled for January 4, 2024, according to Regina police.

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