Scooter owners will be fined for talking on the phone and drunk driving

Scooter owners will be fined for talking on the phone and drunk driving

Drivers of electric scooters, segways and gyro scooters were equated with full-fledged road users

Evgeny Opanasenko

Scooter owners will be fined for talking on the phone and drunk driving

Techno section editor

Drivers of electric scooters, segways and hoverboards will soon become full-fledged road users. The bill was supported by the parliament in the first reading. We find out what rights they will receive and what responsibilities the owners of electric vehicles will have.

Irina Ukhina's plot

Valery commutes to work with an electric scooter every day. Covers up to 10 kilometers on bike paths, and where there are none, on the sidewalk. And soon he will be banned.

“I don’t know how you can drive on the roadway. It is absolutely not equipped for such transport. Drivers do not observe the speed limit, and sometimes they don’t notice such transport at all. That is, driving is dangerous,” complains a resident of Kiev Valery Savitsky.

If there is no bike path, drivers will be able to drive along the edge of the carriageway, street or shoulder, the bill says. This will protect pedestrians from collisions on the sidewalk. But it endangers the owners of electric vehicles themselves.

“Moving on the roadway is also very dangerous, because the drivers do not consider you participants in the traffic. Drivers pass by literally 5 centimeters away. You can simply fall, hit your head under the wheel of a car and die,” explains auto expert Vladislav Antonov.

In the dark, electrical conductors will be required to use reflective elements and have a flashlight on. But the draft law does not say anything about personal remedies.

Bogdan Glyadik

Scooter owners will be fined for talking on the phone and drunk driving

car lawyer

“The bill completely missed it. There is no obligation to use helmets, elbow pads. This, it seems to me, is a flaw. But, perhaps, it will be solved by changes in the rules of the road,” auto lawyer Bogdan Glyadik comments on the bill.

But there are pluses, experts say. Such drivers will be included in a separate category of road users. They will have rights and obligations, and for violation of traffic rules they will bear administrative responsibility. The fine is UAH 85.

“The number of accidents is increasing, some kind of harm is done with the help of such a vehicle. And the problem is how to register such accidents, how to qualify these road users,” explains Bogdan Glyadik.

And electric vehicle drivers will be prohibited from transporting passengers, except as provided by the manufacturer. It will also be forbidden to use the phone while driving and drive vehicles under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Recall that earlier experts were horrified by how many electric scooters cripple people every year. Also, last year, electric scooters were predicted to die soon.

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