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Scientists were able to double the speed of a quantum computer, consuming 30,000 times less energy

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun8,2024

Scientists were able to double the speed of a quantum computer while consuming 30,000 times less energy

Research startup Quantinuum has achieved a major breakthrough in quantum computing, reducing the number of errors in  equipment According to scientists, this makes the use of quantum systems “more real”.

The company develops computing platforms based on ion traps and has already worked with Microsoft, achieving error reduction on its 30-qubit platform with the powerful Quantinuum H2 processor.

Quantiuum recently experimented with a new 56-qubit processor H2−1. Using a method Google used in 2019 for its 53-qubit Sycamore system, Quantinuum and a team from JPMorgan Chase doubled the tech giant's results. In addition, the new Quantinuum platform consumes 30,000 times less energy than conventional supercomputers.

Google's results were once criticized by IBM International Business Machines Corporation &mdash American electronic corporation, one of the world's largest manufacturers of all kinds of computers and software, one of the largest providers of global information networks. Scholars have also criticized the corporation. However, Quantinuum was able to show that quantum computing has advantages in a number of tasks — calculation of random circuits (random circuit sampling). This process uses random quantum gates to generate random results, which helps predict their deviations from the norm.

Currently, the main purpose of this technology — generating truly random numbers, which is still considered an expensive process. However, Google and other technology companies are confident that this method is the best for proving quantum superiority.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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