Scientists reveal why cats scratch furniture

Scientists reveal why cats scratch furniture

Why a high level of emotional intimacy is fundamental to the emergence of destructive behavior is still unclear. Perhaps such cats are more allowed.

Scientists explain why cats scratch furniture

Experts from Brazil conducted a study, finding that the most beloved cats at home are often the most unmanageable. It turned out that the whole thing, as it turned out, was an asocial connection with the owners.

The new study was published on sciencedirect.

The study assessed the interaction between a human and a cat, the relationship between their level of emotional closeness and unacceptable behavior of a pet.

Surprisingly, a cat's strong positive emotions were associated with frequent visits to the veterinarian, the presence of other animals in the house, and attributing human traits to the animal.

But the manifestation of cat aggression and excessive purring and meowing is not associated with emotional closeness with the owners. It is noteworthy that scratching furniture is associated precisely with the owner's great love.

Those who were not so strongly attached to the pet, cats behaved “decently”.