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Scientists presented an innovative water desalination system. It works on solar energy

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr5,2024

Scientists have presented an innovative water desalination system. It works on solar energy

The latest technology developed using solar energy can turn salty water into clean and drinkable water. This revolutionary discovery could provide hundreds of thousands of people around the world with drinking water.

Researchers from King's College London, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Helmholtz Institute for Renewable Energy Systems have developed an innovative system that uses solar energy for desalination saline ground water. It promises to be a cheaper and more effective solution compared to traditional methods.

About 40% of the world's population faces a lack of clean water, and 4 billion people experience an acute water shortage at least for one month a year. , according to the UN.

The desalination technology works like this: specialized membranes are used to channel salt ions, and salt water is then separated from clean, potable water.

The team also has developed a way to flexibly adjust the speed and voltage in the system, which allows it to adapt to different lighting conditions. Initial tests were conducted in India, where the problem of access to clean water is particularly acute. Successful results showed that the system is able to provide up to 10 cubic meters of fresh water per day, which is enough to support the daily life of thousands of people. This is not only an environmentally friendly solution, but also economically beneficial. . Thanks to the use of solar energy and inexpensive components, the system offers access to potable water at a lower cost than traditional methods.

Natasha Kumar

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