Scientists predict that lethal heat on Earth in the near future

Scientists every year is celebrated all more rapid dynamics climate change on Earth. According to different experts, in the foreseeable future the situation with earth’s climate will worsen considerably for humanity, and it will happen much earlier than it was assumed before. In General, the researchers tipped the real deadly heat and other extreme climate changes throughout the globe.

Ученые прогнозируют смертельную жару на Земле в ближайшем будущем

As recent mathematical models developed by climate scientists from Australia to predict weather changes, the sensitivity of earth’s climate in the future will only increase. By the way, the term “sensitivity” scientists understand changes in the content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and global warming. And if the amount of harmful emissions, say the researchers, will continue to grow steadily even at the current rate, then in current year, the temperature in the same Australia may rise by 7 degrees Celsius. In practice, this will entail a lot of negative effects, like increase in global sea level or of extreme precipitation.

However, scientists believe that this situation reflected not only on Australia but on other continents. Already at the present time, as shown by studies conducted in the United States, an unprecedented level of humidity and heat is becoming a reality in many countries, especially in Central and North America, and the middle East. And while we are talking only about individual cases, but their intensity and frequency continue to grow.

As evidenced by the results of the research, in some places of the Land already fixed periods, during which the total extreme phenomena can exceed the limit at which man survives. The cases of the formation of conditions in which a person simply cannot survive, recorded repeatedly, and in the last several decades their frequency has doubled.

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