Scientists have warned about the dangers of drinking spring water

Experts told why drinking spring water can be dangerous to human health. The study was conducted by researchers from the Swiss Institute of aquatic science and technology.

Ученые предупредили об опасности употребления родниковой воды

Groundwater has become one of the key sources of drinking water for hundreds of millions of inhabitants of the planet. In addition, in some regions of Asia and America they are used for irrigation of crops, which is associated with arid climate. The new work shows that in some countries, the use of such water threatens a number of health effects due to high concentrations of arsenic. Moreover, you can get poisoned not only by eating the liquid, but during ingestion, for example of rice, if it is watered with such water. In the work the authors conducted more than 200 thousand tests of water quality in a number of States, including China, the US, Mexico, etc.

The who standards suggest that the permissible contents of arsenic should not exceed 10 mg per liter. However, in some areas the concentration reaches 50 mg in this volume. Mainly this is true for South Asia, but there are pockets in the USA and Argentina. The map was compiled by scientists by means of mathematical modeling.

The results demonstrate that in Europe and Russia there is no cause for concern, as there is with high probability the arsenic content in the water is not so significant to cause concern. It is in Russia in the Western part of the country of a hazardous substance in groundwater is much less and closer to Asia, the figure is growing. Risk assessment implies that the probability of exposure to dangerous doses of arsenic persisted for 220 million inhabitants of the Earth.

The specified chemical element is characterized by a toxicity, and even small amounts can provoke skin diseases or problems with the nervous system. At elevated levels of arsenic becomes a cause of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

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