Scientists have warned about global volcanic eruptions

Soon can occur large-scale volcanic eruptions on Earth. This opinion is shared by the employees of RAS.

Ученые предупредили о глобальных извержениях вулканов

Global in the scientific world are considered to be the eruption, the consequences of which the people felt in that part of the world. For example, could significantly change the temperature of or observed an extraordinary sunsets as happened after the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883 in Indonesia. Not even the most significant incidents is able to adversely affect a person’s life. In particular, active volcanoes are a great danger to aircraft flying them at a certain distance.

The representative of RAS Ivan Kulakov said that volcanic ash is a hard and sharp pieces that in case of contact with the blades of the motor can break the unit. Pilots are not always able to notice the penetration of the ash cloud due to its transparency. Scientist recalled the incident in 1815, when it erupted, the volcano Tambora in Indonesia. The corresponding natural process was accompanied by a strong explosion was heard at a distance of 2,500 kilometers. Ash swept over a considerable area and a darkness has fallen on a plot of 600 kilometers. The most significant eruption was the splash of the volcano Toba in Sumatra 74 000 years ago a volume of 2,800 cubic kilometers. According to the hypothesis, as a result of the incident on the planet could survive only 10 thousand of the ancestors of modern humans.

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