Scientists have unraveled the secret of the eruption of underwater volcanoes

Until recently, the eruption of underwater volcanoes remained a secret for scientists. After watching Le Havre-Simonton near New Zealand and laboratory experiments experts solved the mystery of this process.

Учёные разгадали секрет извержения подводных вулканов

Scientists puzzled by the fact that even under the water happen eruption. They could not answer the question of why the fluid pressure does not hinder this process. The reason for this called a natural mechanism for the ejection of magma. To understand the above process helped the study of the ash formed by an underwater volcano Havre Seamount. In a new study led by Tobias Duhring at the University of Iceland is an international group of scientists has reproduced the explosive reaction remained a mystery until recently. To do this, they put volcanic substance in the crucible, located in the water and worked on it by artificial means. Scientists have managed to cause an “eruption.” Before the experiment, nothing like do not get.

Havre Seamount last erupted in 2012. Then the volcano spewed ash that covered the area of 400 square kilometers. This publication reports the Planet Today.

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