Scientists have shown how the star cluster Caldwell 73 sounds

Scientists have shown how the star cluster Caldwell 73 sounds

Scientists recalled that no sound can exist in space. However, the sound of space objects provides a new way to perceive and comprehend data.

Scientists reveal what the Caldwell 73 star cluster sounds like

Scientists conducted a sound analysis of the Caldwell 73 star cluster. Experts assigned height and volume to various space objects in the image taken by the Hubble telescope. For example, stars farther from the center have a higher tone.

Video with an amazing melody was shown on the telescope's Instagram account.

“The whole image is converted to the sound of a choir, with orange and red stars represented by marimba, and blue stars represented by bells. No sound can travel in space, but sonication provides a new way of perceiving and making sense of data,” the photo caption reads.


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