Scientists have shown an amazing cluster of stars Liller 1

Scientists have shown an amazing cluster of stars Liller 1

Liller 1 is of considerable interest to astronomers due to its stellar population. As a rule, globular clusters consist only of very old luminaries, but there are also young stars here.

Scientists reveal amazing star cluster Liller 1

Online a beautiful photo of the Liller 1 cluster has emerged. It consists of various young and old stars. This system is located 30 thousand years from the Milky Way.

“In globular clusters usually only old stars are found, but this cluster contains at least two separate stellar populations with markedly different ages: the oldest of them is 12 billion years old, and the youngest component is only 1-2 billion years old. This has led astronomers to conclude that this star system is capable of forming stars over an unusually long period of time,” the scientists wrote.

The photo was shown on the Instagram account of the Hubble telescope.

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