Scientists have reported a genetic predisposition of some people to dependence on tanning

Scientists from the Center of Oncology named Lombardi medical Georgetown University reported that some people become addicted to tanning, similar to alcohol or drugs. The problem appears to be due to a mutation of genes.

Учёные сообщили о генетической предрасположенности некоторых людей к зависимости от загара

During the new study involving 292 subjects, scientists have identified an unnatural person’s predisposition to dependence on sunlight. In the course of the experiment revealed that people with altered genes increases the demand for UV in 13 times in comparison with the standard indicators. The researchers interviewed the subjects, find out their preferences and lifestyle. The lion’s share of the participants chose tanning on the beach. Some are more like a Solarium. As a rule, an excessive inclination to the sun occurred in people with impaired chain SNP. Because of gene mutations they have in the brain under the influence of ultraviolet stands out excessive amounts of dopamine – the “pleasure hormone”. So addicted to tanning.

Scientists recommend to limit time spent on the beach. When a larger dose of UV radiation increases the risk of cancer. Oncologists suggest in the summer to sunbathe during the period from ten in the morning until five in the evening. Primarily because sunlight affected skin.

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