Scientists have predicted the disappearance of mangroves due to the increase in Global sea level

Scientists of Rutgers University in the United States on the basis of new research made a prediction about the future of Earth and humanity. Experts predicted the disappearance of mangrove forests within 30 years due to the increase of level of World ocean, and more warming.

Учёные предсказали исчезновение мангровых лесов из-за повышения уровня Мирового океана

The volumes of the reservoirs of the Earth increases regularly. The average Global sea level rises of 6mm a year. Scientists estimate that only 7% of mangrove trees are able to withstand such changes. If mankind does not stop to the exploitation of natural resources, the planet will have a catastrophe by 2050. Assumed to be 30 years from the surface of the Earth will disappear mangroves. This will lead to more greenhouse effect and the growth of the average temperatures on the planet. In the end, humanity may face food shortages because of droughts and crop failures in agricultural lands. The risk groups include people with heart disease and blood vessels because they increase the risk of stroke or heart attack due to the increase in air temperature on Earth.

Mangrove forests play an important role for the Blue planet, as it absorbs from the atmosphere the carbon and centuries to keep the gas under water. These trees protect from the storms of the inhabitants of the coast of tropical countries. Studies have shown that mangroves store 10 times more carbon per acre than forests surface. According to experts, the destruction of ecosystems is released to 1 billion metric tons of CO2. This is equivalent to the total emissions of buses, cars, planes and ships on the planet for the year. Mangroves not only protect from the increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere, but prevent shoreline erosion.

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