Scientists have named the reasons for which things in the apartment can electrocute

Though rarely, but it happens that after touching to a particular subject in the house, the person receives an electric shock. According to scientists, this most often occurs due to the accumulation of static electricity.

Учёные назвали причины, по которым вещи в квартире могут ударить током

And if the damage to the health of the person doesn’t get that the electrical device can fail. Static electricity often builds up objects whose body is made of plastic, and the inside is friction. Another reason is the large number of synthetic things, and in this case it comes to clothing, furniture upholstery and even the curtains. The third factor of education in the home static electricity in low humidity. It is because light electric shocks, the person often receives in the winter time.

Fourth, and most dangerous, reason named damaged grounding or neutral earthing. In the worst case, there is a risk to get a shot with a capacity of 220 watts, warned scientists. In order to protect yourself from this, it is important to periodically check the transaction. You must regularly spend in the apartment wet cleaning, and appliances should be handled with antistatic wipes.

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