Scientists have named the main distributors of COVID-19

Scientists have named the main distributors of COVID-19

Scientists have named the main distributors of COVID-19 – In one of the largest victims of the coronavirus pandemic to date, India, where more than 60 million cases and 96 thousand deaths from this infection have already been registered, scientists have discovered unique patterns of its transmission in a massive study, writes European Scientist.

Researchers analyzed 85 thousand cases of COVID-19 infection among 575 thousand people in two states in southeast India. Among those infected, they found that 71% did not infect anyone as a result, while 8% of those infected caused 60% of new infections. The highest chance of contracting coronavirus is from a person of his own age, and among children and young people this risk was the greatest.

“Children are very effective transmitters and this has not been proven in previous studies. We found that infections and deaths [from coronavirus] were more concentrated in younger groups than we expected when we based our observations in higher-income countries, ”explained lead researcher Ramanan Lakshmi, Senior Research Fellow at Princeton Environment Institute. -Narayan.

Children are not at risk for coronavirus and usually carry the disease easily. At the same time, the virus lingers in their bodies for a longer time than in adults, and children remain carriers of COVID-19 longer, said Alexander Gorelov, deputy head of the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor for scientific work, in a comment to RBC.

– The materials of the European Scientist were used in the preparation.

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