Scientists have named the exact date, after which the patient COVID-19 is not contagious

A group of scientists from the Academy of medical Sciences in Singapore conducted a series of studies to examine in more details the course of coronavirus infection. They called the exact period after which a patient with COVID-19 becomes contagious to others.

Ученые назвали точный срок, по истечении которого пациент с COVID-19 не заразен

As the lead author of the research paper in a recent interview, sick with coronavirus ceases to be dangerous for people 11 days after the first symptoms. However, the tests COVID-19 can be even positive, as they are able to detect only part of the genome of the virus, but cannot determine its capability of proliferation and level of viability.

The online edition of the Straits Times reports that scientists have collected enough evidence to validate their research results. However, experts note that there are exceptions when the virus can be dangerous for longer than 11 days. These cases include cancer patients, people or patients after organ transplantation.

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