Scientists have named lobster the noisiest creatures on Earth

Spiny lobsters are one of the loudest living creatures on Earth. The conclusions made by biologists from France and the United States at the end of the study.

Ученые назвали лангустов самыми шумными существами на Земле

In the course of their work, the authors studied the acoustic signals emitted by marine invertebrates animals. Considered including the friction of the antennae, which is implemented by the European lobster. It turned out that to hear and even to feel the appropriate sound others living under water fauna could at the distance of 3 km. the Analysis was conducted by means of microphones installed off the coast of Brittany, and lobsters of different sizes pre-fished out of the Atlantic ocean.

Loud sounds are distributed after your mustache animals begin to grate located on them between the eyes, chitinous outgrowth. It is unclear what purpose lobsters do this, but researchers assume that therefore the inhabitants of the sea or warn its relatives, or scare away the predators.

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