Scientists have linked the destruction of ecosystems with the emergence of new pandemics unmanaged

Active human intervention in natural processes destroys the ecosystem. Scientists from the University of the West of England and laboratory of Greenpeace have linked this process with the emergence of new uncontrolled pandemics.

Учёные связали разрушение экосистем с появлением новых неуправляемых пандемий

After conducting some research, the experts came to the conclusion that the spread of infectious diseases depends on the biological diversity of the Earth and the water cycle in nature. Mankind is increasingly interfering in these processes. In the end, disappearing animal species, deteriorating air quality and drinking water. These factors negatively affect the health, weaken the immune system and favor the development of viruses. To analyze the relationship between society and the environment, scientists have developed a computer model. After researching the problem, they said that the preservation of ecosystems will help to prevent the emergence of new uncontrolled pandemics.

Further environmental pollution, deforestation and intensive treatment of land used in agriculture will worsen the situation. These factors have a negative impact on the resources required to reduce transmission of infectious diseases. To avoid the negative effects by reviewing the relationship of people to nature.

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