Scientists have learned about the composition of the coating of the tombs in Ancient Egypt

Scientists working on the basis of the British Museum, spoke about the composition of the coating of the tombs located in the Ancient Egypt. In the course of the study, they declassified the composition of the substance, which is present on the coffins of mummies.

Ученые рассказали о составе покрытия гробниц в Древнем Египте

Scientists analyzed 100 samples of the material, which in the period 1300-750 years BC superimposed on the sarcophagi. The results showed that in the sticky coating contains vegetable oil, animal fat, tree SAP, bee wax, crude oil. How do you think researchers can be other substances, but to identify them because of the great Statute of limitations failed.

In addition, the named reason for the black substance and the veil of the ancient Egyptian tombs. It is noted that there is a relationship with the God of rebirth by the name of Osiris.

Such a component the scientists found mostly in tombs where are buried the representatives of rich layers. This suggests that the material was inaccessible.

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